Monday, April 18, 2011

Through a Door and onto the Rooftop of the World

You might be wondering how we got involved with developing mini-mills in Central Asia.  Well here's the story. Enjoy!

It was through a wardrobe door that we entered into the enchanted land that Linda Cortwright calls “wild fibers”. It was a brisk fall day in September when my mother received a midmorning call from the Council of International Programs USA, a non-profit educational exchange program based out of Cleveland, Ohio. They were planning a series of stops for a group of fiber artisans from Kyrgyzstan and we happened to be the closest mill available. They wanted to know if we would give their group a tour. Of course we said yes, and within a few short weeks a group of twelve artisans and two translators showed up at the mill and changed how we viewed the world forever.