Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome first time readers!

Are you serious... does the world really need another blog? In 2006 the "blogosphere" was doubling every 6 1/2 months! Granted it's great to be able to express your opinion and feel like others are benefiting from it. But that liberty seems to come with the obligation to read everyone else's opinion, which gets a little oppressive. Okay really oppressive, like you want to run away and live in a log cabin, sitting in front of a crackling fire and sipping hot wassel while there's two feet of snow outside and it's still coming! Can I get an AMEN?

So why start another blog? Why enter onto the blog superhighway at rush hour when information is at a stand still and no one seems to be able to get to the exact information they want all while being slammed with all kinds of information that they didn't want? Is this the online-life we're regulated to?

In the world of natural fibers we have producers, harvesters, processors and artisans and sometimes those four hats are all worn by one person! So it's not uncommon to find folks who are juggling their day job with farm life and trying to carve out time for their favorite fiber art - not to mention catching up on all the latest web savyness (c: Yet with the creation of the "mini-mill" several decades ago creative custom processing of even exotic and rare natural fibers has become increasingly more accessible giving even more credance to hobby and small scale farming of sheep, goats and camlids. But this accessibility has made us aware of the need for a network that provides better bridges to education, subways that quickly connect innovation, and large harbors with opportunity for trade.

Think of all the people in the alpaca fiber industry that are stuck in this morass! The numbers are endless and we're all sitting in this traffic jam together.

What we need is an online port of authority that would conceive, build, operate and maintain infastructure critical to the world of producing raw natural fibers that are processed into rare niche finds.

So here's to another blog where posts can create bridges between relevant bodies of information in the natural fiber industry with the opportunity for you to put your own "spin" on it.

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